The Princess has been kidnapped, so rise from your grave and collect all the keys you need to save her!

An unoriginal storyline and a definitely long title for a simple platformer, inspired by 8bit classics like Manic Miner, Montezuma Revenge or Aztec Challenge ... but drawn (a little) better.

It's a simple, short and fun game. I hope it makes you relive the frustrations of the old classics, where you died every 30 seconds, but each game came a little further.

This is my first experience of pixel art and level design, so be patient!

The game plays on browser and is also designed for touch screens.



Function keys + space bar

Touch buttons on the screen


Avoid the enemies, collect the keys.

Each key gives +5 energy.

Each contact with enemies - 10 energy.

If the energy reaches zero... You Die.


Have fun!

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